Democratic Citizenship Education

With what we offer, we aim to impart skills for a living democracy. Democracy is a practice to be learned, and encompasses values, knowledge, skills and attitudes that go beyond institutions and procedures.

In our vision, a democratic society strives for diversity, justice and inclusion. A vibrant democratic society includes those who are able to consider other points of view and experiences, engage in critical but respectful dialogue and acknowledge ambiguity.

Democracy must be lived and defended. Therefore, we address the following anti-democratic challenges:

  • Disenchantment with the institutional political system and barriers to young people’s participation
  • Nationalism and rejection of a democratic, open and pluralistic European society
  • Social injustice, discrimination and exclusive power structures
  • Right-wing extremism, antisemitism and racism, including anti-Muslim racism, anti-Black racism and Gadjé racism
  • Lack of platforms for transcultural encounters, dialogue and exchanging views, including shrinking civic spaces

Democratic citizenship education means strengthening participation. We empower young people of all backgrounds to actively (co-)shape their society. We encourage youth to contribute to a pluralistic, democratic society of mutual understanding, solidarity and peaceful coexistence by engaging with others and exchanging their views.

Participants in our programmes learn about social and political participation and develop the skills and confidence to influence their own communities. We offer a learning environment in which pluralistic perspectives are represented and mutual understanding, controversy and ambiguity are valued and lived as part of pluralism. We seek to raise awareness of all forms of discrimination and anti-democratic, anti-pluralistic attitudes in society. We also promote transcultural dialogue and open up spaces for new, positive references to one’s own and other cultures, languages and traditions.

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