Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism

Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism (YAAA) is a network of young people with diverse social backgrounds from all over Germany who are standing up against antisemitism and racism and for a post-migrant culture of remembrance. The network members are contributing as peer experts on the present and future of the post-migrant society.

Facts & Figures

  • The cycle for the first cohort of Young Ambassadors is from November 2020 to June 2021.
  • 11 participants have come into contact with 10 different projects and 16 speakers, developed three of their own project ideas, created a publication (link in August) and moderated Schwarzkopf Foundation events.
  • The call for new Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism takes place annually in fall

What we remember and how we look at the past is always a mirror of the present. Thus, what is constituted as a ‘collective past’ is a reflection of the cultural and political discussions in our present society. The basis of our project is the understanding of a post-migrant society shaped not by a single narrative, but by a diversity of perspectives and histories, by continuities, ruptures and entanglements. How can this be reflected in the way we talk about German history in the future?

This and many other questions are addressed by the network, which grows every year by a group of twelve young people from all over Germany. As part of a six-month training program, the YAAAs get to know activists, academics, artists, associations, initiatives and organizations. Together with them, they deal with lines of continuity in the field of antisemitism and racism, by critiquing hegemonic discourses, and reflecting their own social position(s) as well as the socio-political relevance of these topics. They learn how to formulate positions and attitudes,  to develop their own projects and  pass on their knowledge.

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The Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism introduce themselves!

The Future of Remembrance

The publication of the YAAAs 2021 documents the results of the year‘ s activities and shows how a young, post-migrant generation looks at the past and carries remembrance work into the future (in German).

Publication 2020/21: The Future of Remembrance (in German)
PDF — 20 MB