Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism

The Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism (YAAAs) are a network of young socially diverse people throughout Germany who stand up against antisemitism and racism. They advocate for a post-migrant culture of remembrance and want to shape the future and present of our post-migrant society as peer experts.

  • Anahita

    I am a Young Ambassador Against Antisemitism because I believe that all forms of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia should have no place in our society.
  • Daniyar

    My motivation for Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism was my desire to understand why people can hate other people and to fight against it.
  • Dorian

    All of us, based on our history, but also on recent events, should finally realise that anti-Semitism no longer has a place in society.
  • Enes

    As part of my studies, I deal with topics such as integration, racism and Islamophobia, and now also anti-Semitism, because this topic is still particularly important due to the rise of right-wing populism and in Germany as well as throughout Europe.
  • Friederike

    I want to use my privileges to actively work against anti-Semitism and identify and fight my own racist and anti-Semitic thought structures. I want to work for a more just and tolerant society. My motivation to stand up as a YAAA is rooted in German history and the fact that there were perpetrators in my family.
  • Karla

    I believe that people in initiatives like this one are doing important and necessary work. Especially in times when the pandemic is fertile ground for anti-Semitic conspiracy myths.
  • Max

    Because it is always only the first step to educate oneself privately, but in the end the necessary second step is to motivate oneself as well, to unite people and start projects to reach even more people. In the end, this is the only way to effectively fight anti-Semitism and racism.
  • Riv

    I am with Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism because as a Jew I want to have a say in how we tackle and fight against antisemitism.
  • Ruby

    Using the opportunity to learn about Jewish and postcolonial perspectives through workshops and events and to build alliances with other Ambassadors against different forms of discrimination is something I can only recommend to others. As I was empowered, I also had the opportunity to empower other people and make marginalised perspectives more visible by planning my own event.
  • Sonja

    I am part of Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism because I am Jewish myself and hear from my friends and others that they are unfortunately affected by antisemtism.
  • Theresa

    It is necessary to make it very clear that anti-Semitism no longer has a place in society.