Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism

The Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism (YAAAs) are a network of young socially diverse people throughout Germany who stand up against antisemitism and racism. They advocate for a post-migrant culture of remembrance and want to shape the future and present of our post-migrant society as peer experts.

Each year’s YAAAs also become one of the Foundation’s youth boards. The current members introduce briefly themselves here.

  • Yasmin

    I am grateful to be part of the YAAA network because I have already been able to gain a lot of insights for my political engagement from the workshops and events we have participated in. Also, it is motivating for me to work on projects with the other YAAAs because their different perspectives and types of activism really inspire me.
  • Sherin

    I am a Young Ambassador against Antisemitism because I value intersectionality, especially in feminism. As a victim of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, I want to make sure that as an ally I can make my environment a safe(r) space for Jewish people.
  • Jess

    I have already learnt how important it is to enable new spaces where marginalized people can share and empower each other. Your counterpart may already have experienced the answers to your questions.
  • Mariá

    Within the program, I am most excited about the self-organized projects! I really believe that our enthusiasm combined with the knowledge and network of the foundation can make a difference.
  • Sandhya

    What I particularly like about the YAAA program is the exchange within the group, because our different experiences bring together many different perspectives. This not only brought us closer together, but also strengthened us in our role as Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism.
  • Joana

    I think it's important to continuously examine one's own point of view and to be open to other people's impulses. Through the YAAA program, I get the chance to look at Antisemitism detached from the Holocaust and to significantly broaden my understanding of Antisemitism.
  • Mariam

    The YAAA program offers me the opportunity to further my education and to reflect on my own behavior. I am very grateful for this opportunity, because it has allowed me to get to know incredible personalities so far. Most importantly, I look forward to working with the other YAAAs and presenting our involvement in the future.
  • Maya

    After the first weekend in Berlin I went home with a lot of different impulses and new perspectives on the topics. I am grateful for that and feel positively empowered to exchange ideas with different people and to start projects to stand up against discriminatory structures in our society. I am looking forward to the time to come.
  • Hicham

    The various workshops and excursions of the kick-off seminar helped me to better understand the interconnectedness of marginalized groups in our society and once again emphasized the importance of building alliances. I really enjoyed getting to know each other personally and it provided us with a platform for exchange, from which the realization of our own projects now begins full of energy.
  • Jasmin

    I am very grateful that the program has given me the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about different realities, organizations and theories. Through the workshops, I can position myself in a more reasoned way and the time spent together with the other Ambassadors empowers and inspires me to implement our ideas in the fight against discrimination and inequality.
  • Emre

    The YAAA program allows me to reflect my own privileges, question my attitudes, and engage in an exchange with others. The mutual empowerment has been particularly striking to me. It is a process over a longer period of time that we do not have to walk alone.

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