Online Talk: "How to keep Europe’s competition fair?"

As European Commissioner for competition, the Danish politician Margrethe Vestager became widely known for taking the fight against big tech companies outplaying the small ones. On October 13th 2022 she will be our guest and talk about what it takes to keep competition within the EU fair.

Whether it is ordering Amazon to pay €250 million of back taxes, fining Google for more than €4 billion over illegally cooperating with Android on some of their services or preventing mergers between two of Europe’s largest rail companies – Margrethe Vestager acts as the frontwoman of the EUs effort to keep its competition as fair as possible and surge against big companies trying to rise to more economic power.

Why is it so important to regulate the corporate competition? What needs to be done to keep the big firms from growing and the smaller from shrinking? Where lays Europe’s power in regulation and where are limitations? Which benefit does regulation has for Europe’s people? We are looking forward to discussing these and many more questions with you and Margrethe Vestager.

Please register by 12 October 2022.

The online talk will take place in English and via Zoom.

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