Youth Participation in the European Union – making young voices heard and their struggles seen

Graduating school, choosing a path to take, finding the first job – growing up has always had its challenges. The fear of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have added another layer of pressure on young people’s shoulders. Not being able to see your friends, travel or go to school in person has been difficult. It is therefore all the more important that the opinions and needs of young people are heard and attended to in political processes. As the climate change protests have made clear to any observer, a great amount of young people is dedicated to and interested in shaping the world around them. The European Union developed with their Youth Strategy a framework for EU youth policy cooperation. Part of this strategy is the appointment of an EU Youth coordinator in the European Commission to facilitate inter-sectorial cooperation, exchanges and knowledge-sharing on topics concerning the European youth, as well as giving young voices and struggles more visibility. How can that be achieved, what are the most prominent issues young Europeans are facing today and how can the EU help solving them? Biliana Sirakova, EU Youth Coordinator, is our guest.

What is the EU Youth Strategy and what does it entail? What are the eleven European Youth Goals, how were they developed and what measures will be taken to reach them? How will young people be involved in this process? What are Biliana Sirakova’s priorities as Youth Coordinator? How will she make sure young people’s ideas and struggles are heard and considered in future EU measures? How can young people get in touch with her? We are looking forward to discussing these and many more questions with you and Biliana Sirakova. The talk will be moderated by Ludovica Formicola.

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