Youth demands on climate and energy in the times of the COVID-19 crisis

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is currently at the centre of public discourse, addressing climate change and transitioning to renewable energy systems should remain at the top of the agenda. The global pandemic and its disruptive consequences for the world’s economies and societies can be seen as a chance to build back better and move towards more sustainable systems for people and the planet.

As the generation standing to be affected the most by climate change, it is only natural that we should turn to society’s youngest to guide our response to it. Therefore, we are excited to invite you to the panel discussion “Youth demands on climate and energy in the times of the COVID-19 crisis”, which will introduce the Young Europe Ambassadors Policy recommendations for climate and energy and thereby contribute to the dialogue between European decision-makers and civil society, as envisioned by the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Climate Pact.

Who are the Young Europe Ambassadors:

The Young Europe Ambassadors on the Future of Europe project involved a diverse group of 27 young people from 24 different European countries, aged between 18 and 26 who, within the framework of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020, were invited to discuss their visions for Europe with 27 Ministers of European Affairs of EU Member States. The paper “Policy Recommendations on Climate & Energy” constitutes a compilation of the proposals of the 7 Young Europe Ambassadors within this policy area. The project was run by European Youth Parliament in cooperation with German Federal Foreign Office.


  • Johannes Teyssen, CEO, E.ON SE
    • Johannes Teyssen is the Chief Executive Officer of E.ON SE since 2010, having been with the company since 1989, holding various leadership positions in E.ON’s associated companies, and having joined its Board of Management in 2004. Dr. Teyssen holds a doctorate in law from the University of Göttingen, and has held leading roles in a number of energy-sector organisations and associations, such as Eurelectric and the World Energy Council
  • Cathy Maguire, European Environment Agency, Environmental Sustainability Assessments and Learning Expert
    • Cathy Maguire works in the Integrated Assessment for Sustainability programme at the European Environmental Agency (EEA), focusing on environmental accounting, food system analysis, and learning and development. Her responsibilities include being the lead author of the State and Outlook for the European Environment Reports (SOER). Prior to joining the EEA in 2011, she trained as an ecologist, worked in academia, the private sector and civil society, and was a co-founder and Chair of Friends of the Earth Ireland.
  • Michael Bloss, Member of the European Parliament, member of the ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) and ENVI (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) Committees
    • Michael Bloss is a German Member of the European Parliament, affiliated with the Greens-European Free Alliance parliamentary Group. He has an education background in community service, international relations, and globalisation and development. He has been an active political and community activist, particularly so in matters relating to the environment and climate change. Mr. Bloss was elected to the European Parliament in 2019, and currently serves in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, as well as the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

The event is moderated by Young Europe Ambassadors Federico Barbieri (IT) and Ema Odra Raščan (SI).